Lewis from The Apprentice will be now a sex plaything tester

Lewis Ellis through final year’s Apprentice is currently a good official sex toy tester and will in his phrases “get paid for to bone myself”.

Lewis revealed his or her exciting new career on Instagram last week, he said he’s right now a licensed tester of Ricky. com sex toys.

성인 용품 추천 센스토이 mentioned: “Soooo it’s official Im now a certified masturbator tester … can’t delay to provide this to my resume … they’re using the services of more in the event you guys would like to get paid to visit have sex with yourselves! @havearicky”

They likewise shared a fantastic photo of him shopping confused at a good major green dildo, because precisely what more is going to find you through lockdown?

They got a lot connected with comments underneath this write-up, including one via Ryan huffman Mark who explained: “It’s incredible that my mould is so accurate. ”

Lewis said he feels his new role can be fun and will turn out to be a good choice of him or her to use his affiliate marketing capabilities.

He said: “I saw Ricky. com would look for a few sex model testers, and even My spouse and i considered to myself the reason why definitely not? It looks like the idea would be entertaining, I actually am not anyone who else takes themselves too really and I’m basically becoming paid to fuck me.

“It’s also a good choice of me to utilise my personal marketing skills, I would not just be testing typically the toys, Ill be providing feedback to enhance their affiliate marketing materials, branding, and surrounding ideas for new merchandise and enhancements for pre-existing ones. ”

Lewis will likely be trying out some sort of quantity of merchandise in the coming weeks which include the particular Satisfier Man Wand so he can give themselves a hand job. He’ll end up being using the Portable Virtual Strike Job Intercourse Toy, which does accurately what it sounds like. One of the other products Lewis can be evaluating is typically the Original Man Wand Chargeable Sex Vibrator.

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